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Electric Car - which one is right for me?

So, you’re looking at EV’s (great choice!). We’re excited to showcase a fantastic selection of nearly new and used EV models in Winsford, Cheshire and Trafford, Manchester.

Naturally, you can buy online or instore - of course choosing FOW brings some fantastic benefits, not least that we are EV Dealership of the Year 2023.

And, you’ll receive expert advice - straightforward EV car shopping on your terms! Remember, we’ll guide you through all aspects of EV ownership, range, jargon busting and charging. Talking of charging, you’ll love our Go Zero home charger - start every day with a full charge.

Don’t forget, EV’s are a fantastic option to save money (especially when paired with a renewable overnight energy tariff) - Octopus, EDF and British Gas have all the green credentials to match your new EV. And if you need to charge on the go, no problem. Did you know there are more places to charge an EV than fill up a petrol or diesel vehicle?

Take your EV for a spin - available now!


Sounds great, ‘WATT’ do I need to know?

Indulge your senses and fall in love with driving again. EV’s are completely game-changing - performance arrives instantly, and with long range models now available they’ll match your lifestyle. Don’t forget, with a home charger and renewable, overnight energy tariff they’re cheap to run too!

We’re so excited about EV’s, that’s why we launched FOW Recharge - the home of EV. Unbiased, personable advice on your terms - we want you to love your EV as much as we do and want to answer those all important questions - phone, email or WhatsApp.

EV’s have a lot to answer - range, battery life, charging on the move, home charging and of course, all the jargon. And the good news, at FOW you’re in the right place - friendly and knowledgeable, you’ll receive an expert handover detailing all aspects of your EV - FOW Recharge puts the fun back into car shopping!

You spoke, we listened - our exclusive EV checklist is here! Designed for electric vehicles, our technicians check the battery pack, electric motor and charging circuits alongside a detailed mechanical, visual and quality control inspection on every EV - this is in addition to our standard suite of checks.


FOW Recharge - the number one destination for your EV.

Award Winning EV Dealership of the Year - check out all the benefits below!

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Reserve any EV for FREE

Yes, you heard right - hassle free car shopping on your terms! We want your EV car shopping experience to be enjoyable - that's why you can reserve any EV at FOW Cheshire or Manchester FREE for up to 48 hours - you won't find this elsewhere!

Let’s talk electric!

Did you know the average commute in the UK is under 12 miles? (23 mile roundtrip).

That’s why an EV is a great option for everyone! Especially when paired with the world’s smartest home charger. Start every day with a full charge, remember only 14% of commuters travel over 42 miles each day - and there are more public charge points than places to fill up a petrol or diesel car.

You’ll love the driving experience - effortless, silent and easy! Because an electric motor only has one moving part, torque arrives instantly - nothing excites like an EV. Every electric car has a battery pack - generally a larger battery = a longer range.

Talking of the electric motor, every EV has one (or two in some cases) - Tesla for example will call this dual drive, or in other words, a 4-wheel drive. Because the electric motor acts as the engine, it’s designed to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy.


Jargon busting - EV style.

We already know the electric motor is responsible for driving the wheels, but what about the battery?

Again, it’s really easy, the higher the capacity, the further you’ll be able to drive on a single charge. In an EV, battery capacity is measured in kilowatt hour (kWh) - you can use this number as a comparison when shopping for your new EV.

Because batteries are available in different sizes, you’ll sometimes see the same model with different capacities. Let’s use the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 again as an example. Here in the UK this 2022 model is available with a 58kWh battery, 72kWh battery or 77kWh battery.

And you guessed it, the 77kWh model has the longest range - Hyundai even coin this a ‘Long Range’ model. Spec dependent, official figures tell us the 58kWh model can travel up to a maximum of 238 miles, the 72kWh up to 298 miles and the 77kWh model up to 315 miles. Of course, if your model is an all-wheel drive (AWD) you’ll get more performance at the cost of range.

Don’t forget, there are no gears to worry about either with an EV - drive, park and reverse, that’s it. No gears mean more responsive, EV’s by nature feel far more responsive than an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle for this reason.

It really couldn’t be any easier, or more enjoyable. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new EV from FOW.


Warranty for EV? Of course - this is FOW!

We share the excitement of that new car feeling - and there’s nothing more exciting than getting behind the wheel of a new EV.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the RAC to offer a solution for your new EV - easy and hassle free! Designed exclusively for EV’s with fantastic coverage and perks so you can concentrate on enjoying your new electric car or plug-in hybrid.

And you get fantastic coverage - designed exclusively for EV’s and PHEV’s. If your claim is valid, parts and labour are covered directly with the repairer (labour is included up to £90 an hour).

So what’s included? That’s easy - alongside what’s included as standard, we’ll also cover the electric motor, charging cable and onboard charger, vehicle control module, wiring harnesses and terminals (if integral to the EV system), reduction gear, DC/DC convertor, DC/AV inverter, traction motor inverter and software updates (if part of a valid claim).

We also appreciate the infotainment system is so important for an EV. From scheduled charging to charging - that’s why we’ve increased the claim limit from £500 to £4,000. Elsewhere on the vehicle you can claim up to the purchase price of the car! For full T&Cs and exclusions, visit our warranty section here.


FOW Recharge - All charged up for EV's.

The UK's most exciting EV home charger has landed - available now at FOW!

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EV Charging for home - and businesses and Airbnb and landlords!

Yes, that’s right - beautifully innovative with industry-leading support and technology.

Did you know FOW was voted EV Dealership of the Year 2023? That’s why we’ve partnered with Go Zero Charge to offer the most exciting EV charging solution yet - introducing Optimus.

This is charging on your terms - great value with a FREE home survey and 3 year Happiness Guarantee. Don’t forget you’ll also get a FREE 5m tethered cable with fixed price installation available - no hidden costs, no hassle!

And the best bit - Holiday Mode, we think you’ll love this! With the Go Zero app you can schedule charging and add your charger to the public network. Set your tariff (price per kWh) and watch as the charger earns you money - ideal for when the charger is not in use, or if you have a holiday home, business or rental property.

We also know how important it is to start each day with a full charge - that’s why the Optimus charger is continually monitored with real-time notifications should there be a power cut or technical issue.

Get a personalised quote, personal to you. At FOW we love EV’s as much as you!

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Making the switch to EV - FOW Style.

You already know it’s a Win-Win at FOW - did you know we’re the home of all things EV? We’re excited to launch FOW Recharge - specialist advice on your terms. From charging, to battery life we’ll get all those questions answered.

Speaking of battery life, you’ll be glad to know batteries are tested to the extremes. Tesla for example performed 15,000 battery cycles - the equivalent of 2,000,000 miles. A battery cycle is measured 0-100% - realistically you’ll charge your new EV between 25-50% to 100% which makes this all the more impressive!

And, these systems are developed to monitor battery health and performance - cooling being one. Optimising battery temperature is hugely important for longevity and performance - thankfully your EV will manage this through battery management. You can help though - pre-conditioning or parking undercover will help keep your battery cool.

Remember manufacturers typically guarantee the battery for 8-10 years, or 100,000 miles, although they usually last much longer.

It’s great to know EV batteries are designed for longevity. A cooler battery is a happier battery, so it’s good to charge at home where possible (rapid chargers are fine to use but generate more heat) and schedule charging at night - your car will thank you and you’ll save money with an EV tariff too!


Kind on the environment, friendly on your pocket.

With zero local emissions, EV’s are a fantastic option, both around towns and cities, but also on the open road. That’s why they are so popular - cheaper to service and with the right energy tariff cheap to run too!

Take for instance Octopus - powered by 100% renewable energy, the Octopus Go tariff provides access to cheap overnight energy so you can start every day with a full charge. Pair it with a Go Zero charger and you can schedule charging quickly and easily.

Save time and money with an EV - remember, Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are launching up and down the UK as we speak. EV’s are currently free, all you have to do is input the registration here to instantly check the status of your car.

And the technology is continually developing, one great feature is regenerative braking, this tops up the battery when you brake. Some models, such as the Nissan Leaf feature ‘e-pedal’ which takes this further, increase, decrease or come to a complete stop using just one pedal.

Let’s get those questions answered - chat to our EV experts today!


Myth busting EVs - all the facts, no fiction.

You’ve heard it all before - ‘There are not enough chargers’, ‘they aren’t environmentally friendly’ or ‘the charging infrastructure isn’t good enough’.

Experience amazing - experience the future - experience EV. Did you know there’s more places to charge an EV than top up a petrol or diesel vehicle? And with a Go Zero home charger from FOW you can start every day with a full charge.

With an EV you’re in control, and with thousands of ultra rapid chargers added to the network every year you’ll not need to worry about range anxiety. In fact, you can view all public charging stations right here.

And with Chargetrip Go you can plan any journey quickly and easily. Select your EV, climate control settings and occupants and you’re good to go. It’ll even take into account the weather conditions and adjust the range accordingly.

Because EVs emit zero carbon dioxide emissions when driven, they are instantly cleaner for everyone! Pedestrians and cyclists will thank you - and with solar energy and wind turbines, you can pair your new EV with a 100% renewable energy tariff. As for the batteries, these are recyclable too, in fact Tesla currently recycle components in 100% of their batteries.


So, let’s talk 2030.

Firstly we need to rewind - in 2020 the UK government announced 2030 would see the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles banned in the UK. Initially 2040, the date was brought forward 10 years alongside a £1.8 billion investment in infrastructure.

And at FOW we have you covered - as EV Dealership of the Year 2023 we’re just as excited about EV as you! Our team are fully equipped to chat all things EV, so if you have any questions we’ll be happy to help.

The road to 2030 has seen some exciting development from manufacturers. Technology such as scheduled charging with iOS and Android apps allow you to interact with the car from your smartphone. And we’ve not even scratched the surface - autonomous tech such as Tesla’s Autopilot provides a glimpse into what’s possible.

We’re powered up to see the sustainability side of EVs - 100% renewable energy tariffs are an affordable option for charging your EV overnight, plus it means you start every day with a full charge! Don’t forget a Go Zero home Charger from FOW is compatible with solar panels so you’ll make even more savings right here.

Remember, EVs are beautifully effortless, easy and enjoyable to drive. A used EV from FOW Cheshire or Manchester is available with dual motor all-wheel drive (AWD) or two-wheel drive (2WD) - each provides incredibly low running costs - and there’s no gears to worry about so performance arrives instantly too!


Experience amazing with FOW Recharge - the home of EV.

Award winning EV Dealership of the Year with some fantastic perks - get a great deal today!

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EV Checklist

Personalised for EV. From battery health checks to operation. Our technicians are proud to prepare your new EV to the highest standard. We'll even ensure it's suitably charged before you drive away.

Amazing continued with FOW Recharge - it really is that good!

Online or instore - enjoy award winning customer care - EV car deals on your terms.

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Go Zero EV Home Charger

Beautifully built with advanced technology - this is the future! Start every day with a full charge, earn money with holiday mode and get a FREE tethered cable as standard. What's not to love?

Let's spark up conversation and talk EV.

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