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The most complete home charging solution for your Electric Vehicle. Beautifully built and easy to use, available now at FOW!

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Say hello to the UK’s most exciting EV home charger.

So, you’ve found your perfect EV or PHEV, now you need to pair it with the ultimate home charging solution. Introducing Go Zero Optimus - this is a reliable, powerful, and simple to use home charger with serious benefits and industry leading technology to complement your lifestyle.

Because this home charger integrates so seamlessly, you’ll enjoy 7.4kWh fast charging alongside two tethered cable options and Wi-Fi compatibility, you can even schedule charging through the Go-Zero smartphone app and earn money quickly and easily (more on this later). This is convenience simplified.

What’s the catch? with a 3 year warranty as standard alongside best in class customer support, there simply isn’t one. The experts at Go Zero Charge can arrange installation at your convenience so you can get charging and enjoy all the benefits EV or PHEV ownership brings.

As EV Dealership of the Year 2023, you can chat with our EV experts from home or in-store. Don’t forget, FOW Recharge is the home of all things electric so if you’re starting your search, this is the place to be! With FOW and Go Zero Charge you can sit back relax and enjoy your new electric vehicle.

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Why should I choose a Go Zero Optimus EV home charger?

Convenience simplified. Start your day with a full charge and enjoy all the benefits a Go Zero charger brings.

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3 year warranty included as standard

With FOW and Go Zero you're winning! A complimentary 3 year warranty is included as standard (upgradable to 5 years for just £100) alongside industry best service and a FREE virtual survey. Don't forget we offer fixed price installation and expert advice for your peace of mind.

The smartest EV home charger on the planet.

Because this is the world’s most convenient charger you’ll enjoy serious benefits designed around your lifestyle and budget.

With fixed price standard installation and a FREE virtual survey available, you can choose to have your shiny new wall box professionally installed with Go Zero from just £320. Remember, the Optimus home charger is monitored every 60 seconds - easy and hassle-free! If there’s a problem the Go Zero team will spring into action and contact you directly to resolve.

Setting up the app is a breeze. Activating ‘Holiday Mode’ allows you to share your charger on the public network so you can earn money on the fly. And you can schedule charging so you can benefit from lower energy tariffs at night - EDF energy, Octopus and British Gas currently offer some really attractive rates you can take advantage of.

And you’ll receive a FREE 3 year warranty as standard (5 years is available for just £100). We’ll also include a FREE 5m tethered cable so you can start enjoying your new EV from day one. With prices starting from just £779 (or £749 untethered) and flexible installation options, this is a great solution for your new EV or PHEV.

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Smart charging made easy - ‘WATT’ do I need to know?

Sorry…that was shocking so we’ll stay positive.

Speaking of positive - check out the benefits of choosing FOW and Go Zero Charge over the competition! There are serious perks for choosing FOW too - and we’re EV Dealership of the Year 2023 so we can help answer all those EV questions. Easy, hassle-free and on your terms.

You’ll also receive a FREE 5m tethered cable and 3 year warranty as standard. We know how important it is to start every day with a full charge - that’s why the Optimus home charger is continually monitored with real-time alerts if the system detects a problem.

Because the Optimus charger is smart, you’ll also use the Go Zero app, feature packed with one detail we love - Holiday Mode. This is a great option to earn money when the charger is not in use - set the tariff and you’re good to go.

Remember you can schedule charging quickly and easily, check your usage and measure spend (kWh and £). Because this is FOW - the Optimus charger is more affordable than ever - 3 interest free monthly payments of just £252.98 is all it takes to secure the world’s most exciting home charger!

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Public vs home charging with Go Zero Charge.

The most convenient way to refuel your EV is with a home charger. Because energy is usually cheaper at night, you’ll enjoy low running costs, and start every day with a full charge.

With Go Zero Charge and FOW, you’ll have 7.4kWh fast charging at source with fixed price installation and a FREE 5m tethered cable.

Did you know there’s more places to charge an EV than fuel a conventional petrol or diesel car? Public chargers are a great option for longer journeys, visiting friends, family or commuting to work. With a compatible EV, rapid charging is available at 100kW+, this will charge a typical EV to 80% from empty in 20-30 minutes.

Part exchange on your terms.

Personal to you - get a price in minutes, it's easy!

With Go Zero and FOW you’re in the drivers seat.

You already know how good the Optimus home charger is, with FOW you’re in control.

With a growing number of fans, and best class service we think you’ll love the Go Zero home charger. Remember with 7.4kWh fast charging, the Optimus is over 3x faster than using a domestic 3-pin plug socket - this is great if you want to take advantage of cheaper overnight energy tariffs.

Don’t forget, the Optimus home charger is monitored every 60 seconds. All this convenience means you can enjoy your new EV without the worry.

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