The Largest Car Supermarket In The North West
Car Dealers Winsford, Cheshire

Over 1800 used cars for sale.
Available at both our Winsford & Trafford Centre Showrooms.

Not just any car supermarket can be Fords Of Winsford.

Not just any car supermarket or car dealers in Manchester, Winsford or the entire North West can offer:

  • The enormous variety of used cars for sale we can, which you can test drive at will for as long as you need.
  • The freedom to browse and choose the cars you want without being pestered by a salesman.
  • Cars specifically suitable for all customer needs; whatever your budget, size, mileage and power requirements. With over 1800 cars in stock, our huge supply will account for all.
  • The sheer flexibility of Fords of Winsford financing, meaning you can walk away with whatever car you want, no matter your budget.

Not just any car supermarket or car dealer will:

  • Care for you.
  • Respect you.
  • Treat you like family the way we do, and no that’s not a stretch.

Fords of Winsford was born a family business and remains a family business. We became the North West’s most trusted source for used cars because we treat customers like family.

Not just any car supermarket can do that. We’ve done it for decades.

Our valuation remains the same - no matter which of our second hand cars you go for

The price we quote is the price we'll pay for your used car against ANY of our stock of second hand cars for sale and we'll stand by that valuation for 7 days. That way there's no pressure on you to 'do the deal' on your first visit to us. Neither will we inflate or reduce the valuation to match the used car you're interested in. If you're looking to downsize and your car is worth more than the car you're interested in – no problem! We'll simply give you a car and a cheque. Likewise, we'll accept any number of used cars from you in exchange for one of our own stock of quality used cars. We even accept MOT failures! We like to keep things simple at this used car dealership and we think you will too!

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Finance to match YOUR used car requirements

Unlike some other used car dealers in Manchester and in the North West, we won't try to sell you finance first and then match a car to it. Instead, we'll leave you free to choose any of the quality used cars you want. Only then will you be offered finance by one of our consultants - all of whom are accredited to the Finance and Leasing Association's SAF (Specialist Automotive Finance) initiative. Fords of Winsford is still a family-owned car dealership and you'll find this friendly, helpful approach resonates throughout the buying process.

We will search our panel of lenders based on the information you give us when you make your application and then match this against the criteria that lenders use to accept customers. Using this information, we can match you with lenders that best suits your own personal circumstances. A number of credit checks may be carried out during this process.

The sale of insurance products by Fords of Winsford is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - licence number 306676.

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Friendly and knowledgeable staff to help safeguard your finances

All our consultants are fully FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) qualified. This means they have the knowledge to make expert recommendations across our range of finance and insurance products. You won't be subjected to "hard sell" nor pestered by second hand car sales people. Instead you'll simply be given the option of safeguarding your finances through our range of warranty and vehicle replacement insurance products.

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