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What Are The New Car Tax Rules?

There’s a big change looming in the way lots of drivers are charged vehicle excise duty (VED, or ‘road tax’). VED-day, if you like, is 1st April 2017, and after this date, the...

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Green Car Picks For St Patrick’s Day

Here at Fords of Winsford, the north-west’s favourite car supermarket, we see cars of every colour under the sun, but undoubtedly some of the most attractive and distinctive ones which...

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Car MoTs At Four Years Old - The Plans

If you buy a new car after next year, plans currently being discussed by the Government could mean that it won’t need to be submitted for an MoT test until it’s four years old -...

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Endangered cars which are almost extinct

If you can remember the 1980s, and the two decades preceding it, then surely you’ll have your own thoughts on which cars epitomised the era.

Just like any other decade of the past...

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If Father Christmas’s Reindeer Were Cars - What Would They Be?

‘Santa’s reindeer get the sack’, the billboard read.

Well, it was such a weird, totally out-of-the-box thought, that the words stopped me in my tracks, and, for the first time in...

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The Extra Products No New Car Is Complete Without

When you buy any car, you’re making a major investment. And, as with any investment, especially one which you intend to get a lot of use from, you should seriously think about how you...

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Seven Used Cars To Look Out For In 2017

A year ago, we here at Fords of Winsford dusted off our crystal ball and tried to forecast which used cars would make top buys in 2016.

We based our forecasts on a mix of media...

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Christmas Car-a-oke With The Singing Salesman

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And we all know the only way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year is with a song!

It’s for this reason Fords of Winsford is proud...

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10 Top Tips For Passing The Driving Test

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, that’s a good start, because it’s one of the most important factors when you’re experiencing probably one of the most nerve-wracking 30 or 45...

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Complete First-time Car Buyer’s Guide - Part 2

Right, you’ve gone and done it - you’ve followed all the steps we outlined in part one of our buyers’ guide (Click here if not), which hopefully means you’ve landed yourself a...

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The Complete First-time Car Buyer’s Guide - Part 1

There’s no escaping the fact that buying and running a car is an expensive business. But at the time when you’re looking to buy your first one, there are usually so many other...

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United v City - The Big Car Derby

‘Tasty’ just doesn’t do it justice. The anticipation as the two Manchester teams prepare to lock horns in their first league derby of 2016-17 is even keener than usual, with both...

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Name Our Blog Competition

How do you fancy a piece of internet immortality? We’re looking for suggestions for a new title to the blog section of our website - and if you provide the best name you will win a MSV...

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The Essential Ingredients Of A Great Car

It takes a combination of many different factors coming together at the same time to create the formula for what makes the perfect car.

With getting on for 60 years of successfully...

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15 Essential Items To Carry In Your Car

It’s the summer holidays, so we’re all either gearing up for those long holiday journeys, or have just gone through the experience.

Probably the biggest trip we’ll have to make...

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The Best Family Cars You Can Buy

Here at Fords of Winsford, family cars are right at the heart of what we offer the customers who come to see us at our Winsford and Trafford Park showrooms. Buying a quality used family...

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Trade Up To More Summer Driving Fun

Used car sales between 1 January and 31 March were up by more than 13 per cent compared with the same three months a year earlier.

Those upbeat figures were recently released by motor...

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Make A Day Of It Around The Trafford Centre

A Brief Bit About Trafford Park

Far from the industrial and retail centre the area has become today, much of the land now covered by Trafford Park was originally a deer park until, in...

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Fit To Work - But Not To Drive?

The peak time of the year for a range of nasty allergies, notably asthma and hay fever, is upon us. So it’s probably opportune that a new survey has just lifted the lid on the dangers...

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Fords of Winsford Through The Years Timeline

In 1959 the Ford family sold its first ever car - an Austin A30 - for exactly £35. Things have changed a bit since then.

In 2015 FoW had as many as 1,800 cars in stock at any...

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10 Of The Best Used Cars For Young Drivers

Young drivers can expect to have to fork out an average of £2,200 a year in buying and keeping a car on the road in each of their first seven years of motoring - more than half of which...

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From Nova To New Classic - An FoW Car’s 26-Year Story

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a white Vauxhall Nova SR would have been lots of drivers’ ideal motor. Small enough to cope with busy town traffic, yet boasting a nippy 1.3, or...

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Classic Cars - Volkswagen Golf

They’ve become so ubiquitous on our roads that we take them completely for granted. But when Volkswagen unveiled the Golf, in 1974, no one could have foreseen how this one car would...

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Eight Great Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Car From a Used Car Supermarket

You might not realise it, but keen car-buyers have been taking their pick from large-scale retailers specialising in multiple car makes for well over half a century.

Back in the...

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Buying A Car To Suit Your Growing Family

When you become a dad or a mum, you almost certainly won’t realise the scale of the changes which will be wrought on your life over the years that follow.

It might enter your head...

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PCP - Deal Or No Deal

One of the biggest transformations which has been seen in the way we all finance big purchases, especially a car, has been brought about with the advent of personal contract purchase...

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Focus On Greatness - Ford’s Modern Classic

Twelve million owners and counting. That’s the big figure indicating the number of Ford Focuses which have been sold since the model, intended as a replacement for another iconic...

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Catch The Trafford Centre’s Holiday Fun

If you live within easy travelling distance of the prime north-west shopping and leisure destination that is the intu Trafford Centre, you should know that it’s always a great place to...

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How The Ford Escort Ushered In Modern Mass-Mobility

Throughout the boom years of the 1950s and 1960s, Ford achieved considerable success with its small family saloon car, the Anglia.

However, by the end of the sixties, its looks had...

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Hire Purchase:  Deal Or No Deal?

As people have started to change their cars more frequently, the market for financial products which allow them to do so has found itself adapting in kind. For this reason, there has...

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8 Used Cars To Keep Your Eye Out For In 2016

If you’re going to be buying a used car this year, the choices available to you are wider than ever. Three years ago, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reported that the...

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Auto Annals: The VW Beetle - The Original ‘People’s Car’

The VW Beetle - The Original ‘People’s Car’

From Nazi emblem to pop-era icon and beyond - the journey of the Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the world’s...

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Breaking Down Your Car Finance Options

In 2008, the recent recession hit both car manufacturers and buyers worldwide and, quite suddenly, the industry was struck with a trying and testing problem:

People couldn’t afford to...

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Auto Annals: How Ford Made The Car Of The Century

Consider two things:

1. The Ford Model T is widely recognised as the first affordable automobile that became available to the general public.

2. As recent as 2012, the Model T was...

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2052 - How Technology Killed The Driver

In Memoriam Of The Driver

The year is 2052 and all drivers everywhere are alive.

The year is 2052 and all drivers everywhere have died.

To highlight the point, we follow the account...

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Auto Annals: How The 3 Series Saved BMW - Part 2

In our continuing monthly series where we delve back into the annals of time to track and trace the history of Britain’s favourite cars still in production today, we continue the...

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Auto Annals: How The 3 Series Saved BMW - Part 1

In our continuing monthly series where we delve back into the annals of time to track and trace the history of Britain’s favourite cars still in production today, we trace a heritage...

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Auto Annals: Appraising The Audi A4

The Audi A4: An Assessment

In our continuing weekly series where we delve back into the annals of time to track and trace the history of Britain’s favourite cars still in production...

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10 Forza 6 Cars You Can Buy At Fords Of Winsford

Isn’t it just fantastic that you can take a piece of the video game pinnacle home with you today?

Anyone who has owned an Xbox console since 2005 can tell you that Forza (Translation:...

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Good News: The Used Car Market Is Thriving

Spreading The Good News

In spite of challenging times, as the cost of living rises and austerity measures place more immediate demands on manufacturers, it’s been heartwarming for us...

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New Fords Of Winsford Showroom At Trafford Centre Opens

Fords Of Winsford opened a second showroom in a three-acre site adjacent to the entrance of the Trafford Centre on September 7th, expanding beyond of our Winsford home for the first time...

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The Google Car: Is This The End For Drivers?

Is Google’s Self-Driving Car The Future Norm?

Google has done it. They’ve realised plans that thirty or so years ago would have seemed impossible. A car with no driver. Is there...

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Auto Annals: The Dramatic Script Of The Audi A6

The Story Of The Audi A6

In the first of our weekly series where we delve back into the annals of time to track and trace the history of Britain’s favourite cars still in production...

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What Is PCP Finance?

Let’s start with the basics: PCP stands for Personal Contract Purchase and is a method of car finance. There are many benefits to PCP payment plans, including lower monthly payments...

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Buying A Used Car: Age Or Mileage?

You’re fed up of your old car, you’re ready for a change and you know that used cars represent the best value… but where do you begin?

There are many things to consider when buying...

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Pros and Cons of Automatic and Manual Cars

It’s the age old question of motoring; should I get an automatic or a manual.

First: a clarification.

When people talk about a car being manual or automatic, they are actually...

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How To Choose A Used Car

Whether out of want or necessity, it pays to do your research and create a checklist when buying a used car.

New car courting can often prove to be a stressful and tiresome process,...

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August Twitter Competition

Congratulations to Chris Newton, the winner of our August Twitter competition!!

The competition ran throughout August and the winner was announced on the 1st of September. To enter you...

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20 years on and the car is still going strong

Fords of Winsford customers Rita Hibbitt and Trevor Williams from Chester returned this week with the original Vauxhall Corsa car they purchased from us when we first moved to our...

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Carsino Winner

A huge congratulations to the winner of the Renault Clio i-Music, Joanna Clements from all the staff at Fords of Winsford.

The Carsino finalists gathered together on Saturday the 6th of...

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AM Awards Result

Fords of Winsford are proud to announce the award of “Highly Commended” in both “Best Dealer Website” and “Best Used Car Retailer” categories.

As always we continue to strive for...

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AM Awards

Fords of Winsford, the multi-award winning car supermarket located in Cheshire has once again made the final shortlist in the categories;

  • Best Used Car Retailer 2012 and Best Car 
  • Dealer...
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Fords of Winsford ‘Car Supermarket Of The Year 2012’

Leading North West used car supermarket Fords of Winsford has been named Car Supermarket of the Year 2012 by Motor Trader magazine.

The announcement was made at high profile awards event...

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