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Because you never know what's round the corner. With RAC GAP Insurance you can relax and enjoy your new car.

RAC GAP Insurance - peace of mind amplified

The RAC is one of the UK’s most established and widely recognised brands forming back in 1897. Founded as the Automobile Club of Great Britain, the RAC provided roadside assistance to its members and was awarded Royal Approval by Edward VII in 1907. With over 125 years of experience, we think the RAC are perfectly placed to offer great value GAP Insurance for your new car.

Because it’s the RAC, there’s a fantastic selection of GAP Insurance policies to choose from at FOW Car Supermarket. Each one can be tailored to your individual circumstances with 1, 2, 3 and 4 year options to choose from. And, because GAP Insurance runs alongside your existing motor insurance policy you can sit back, relax and get on with enjoying your new car.

Naturally, RAC GAP insurance from FOW will protect you should your car be written off or stolen. And it’ll cover costs all the way up to the invoice price, even if you claim in the 4th year. Buying your new car on finance? no problem! RAC GAP insurance has you covered up to the invoice price.

Of course, at FOW Car Supermarket you’ll discover a fantastic selection of nearly new and used cars at great prices. And with GAP Insurance starting from just £119, you too can join the thousands of happy motorists choosing FOW for their new car.


RAC GAP Insurance - the ultimate solution for your new, available now at FOW.

Sit back and relax, at FOW we have you covered so you can concentrate on enjoying your new car.

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Peace of mind personified for you

When we say personal we really mean it. RAC GAP Insurance from FOW pays out up to the original invoice price as standard. Added to your motor insurance policy, the 'gap' between the market value and invoice price is covered so you're never out of pocket.

RAC GAP Insurance from FOW - the ultimate protection.

Did you know a car is written off on average once every 9 seconds in the UK? That’s the equivalent of 384,000 a year.

Astonishing numbers, especially when you think one in 83 drivers in the UK will have their car written off every year. What does written off mean though? and how does this affect you?

A vehicle is written off when the cost to repair is higher than the value of the car, or if the insurance company deem it’s not safe to repair. The insurance company might even use a repair-to-value ratio to determine if your car is written off.

Because the categories were updated in 2017, it can be a little bit confusing. Naturally, we’re here to help, categories A and B are unroadworthy and should be scrapped, whilst S and N can be repaired. S stands for structural so will need to be professionally repaired. Don’t worry, at FOW we HPI check all our vehicles so you won’t be left buying an accident damaged vehicle.

Don’t be a statistic, RAC GAP Insurance from FOW will pay out up to the original invoice price, guaranteed!


Sounds great - what do I need to know?

Choose RAC GAP Insurance from FOW and you’ll benefit from full coverage if your car is written off regardless of fault. We’ll even protect you if your car is stolen - with 105,512 vehicles stolen in 2021 and only 28% of these recovered it’s more important than ever to stay safe with RAC GAP Insurance.

Let that sink in for a moment, only 1 in 4 people will see their car again if it’s stolen. We have taken action and are proud to work closely with the RAC to offer a selection of GAP Insurance solutions, each representing great value to match your budget and lifestyle.

And at FOW you have the option to choose a 1, 2, 3 or 4 year policy. Prices start at just £119 for 12 months, or 29p a day if you want maximum peace of mind for 4 years.

Let me guess, you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true? It actually gets better as RAC GAP Insurance from FOW will protect you all the way up to the original invoice price - guaranteed. We’ll even cover outstanding finance so you can get back on the road without the added hassle or expense.

So, all you have to do its sit back, relax and enjoy your next adventure.


Accident and Theft

Peace of mind regardless of who's at fault.

Return to Invoice

Drive away in your new car - hassle free.

1, 2, 3 or 4 Year

Flexible options to match your budget and lifestyle.

Take a look at our RAC GAP GAP Insurance - at FOW you’re in the drivers seat.

Could you cover the difference between an insurance payout and the cost of a new car?

Because all RAC GAP Insurance policies from FOW will pay the difference all the way to the invoice price you don’t need to worry. And because you have the flexibility to protect yourself for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years there’s an option to match your budget and lifestyle.

And, at FOW we’re best placed to offer impartial advice based on your individual circumstances. Reach out to our team and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Of course, all that’s left to do now is find your perfect car, and with thousands to choose from at FOW you’ll find your perfect match right here. That’s what we call a Win-Win!

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