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Available for 1, 2, 3 or even 4 years - this is warranty cover on your terms!

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With over 185 years of combined experience, you can rely on the RAC and FOW to keep you on the move. Today, vehicles are more complicated than ever so it’s important to stay protected from expensive repair bills.

Naturally at FOW you’re in safe hands. Every vehicle is presented to the highest standard - each undergoing a series of mechanical and quality control inspections. We’ll supply an unlimited mileage, 30 day warranty as standard alongside an HPI check so you can buy with confidence.

That’s why you’re in the drivers seat. At FOW we’ve got a fantastic selection of RAC extended warranty options to match all budgets and lifestyles. And each one represents great value - choose from a 1, 2, 3 or 4 year option, we’ll even include FREE RAC breakdown cover as standard to keep you moving!

Because your RAC extended warranty from FOW will start after any manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll benefit from full coverage for the term. And at FOW - you can spread your payments interest FREE for 10 months!

So what are you waiting for? with prices starting from just £499 you can join the thousands of happy customers who chose FOW for their new car. Remember you can reserve online for FREE or request a personalised video from the comfort of your own home.


Buying an EV, plug-in hybrid or hybrid? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution!

The future is electric - that's why we've partnered with the RAC to offer the UK's most exciting EV warranty.

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Designed for EV

PHEV's (plug-in hybrid) and HEV's (hybrid electric vehicle) too! With the EV system, charge connector, charger cable, wiring harness and on-board charger covered in addition to all the other benefits highlighted below.

The future has arrived - and it’s exciting!

You’ll love EV ownership - instant torque and performance, no gears to worry about and of course silence. Because the technology is new, we’ve partnered with the RAC to offer the UK’s most exciting used EV car warranty - and there are serious benefits too!

And our used EV warranty is designed for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with specialist cover alongside all the other benefits a used RAC warranty provides as standard.

So what’s included? Lots actually - and if you’re shopping for an EV or PHEV you’ll be glad of the cover too! The electric motor, vehicle control module, DC/DC converter, DC/AC converter, charge connector, reduction gear, wiring harnesses and terminals (if integral to the EV system), onboard charger, charging cable, traction motor inverter and software updates (as part of a valid claim).

Because our EV warranty is so unique, you’ll also benefit from parts and labour coverage as standard - if your claim is valid, there’s no excess to pay and costs are covered directly with the repairer.

Check out our FAQ section for full terms and conditions, or chat to one of our product specialists - we’re here to help!


Let’s talk claims

Because cars are more complicated than ever, costs can spiral - that’s why an RAC extended warranty from FOW makes a lot sense.

We’ve included some actual claims - yes, these are genuine and valid claims our customers have made on their RAC Extended Warranty from FOW between the 1st of January 2022 and the 31st of December 2022 - the numbers are truly astonishing!

2017 - Ford Focus - Engine Failure = £7,989.76

2017 - Volvo S90 - Switch Lights = £2,148.96

2018 - BMW 4 Series - Inlet Manifold = £1,168.01

2015 - Mini Hatch - ECU & Ignition = £ 1,782.29

2016 - Land Rover - Alternator = £442.40

2016 - Vauxhall Insignia - o2 Sensor = £604.74

2016 - Citroen C4 Cactus - Stop/Start = £630.10

2017 - Audi A4 - ABS Module = £632

2019 - Dacia Duster - Electric Window = £661.85

2015 - Peugeot 3008 - AdBlue System = £1,144.81

And all the prices quoted include parts, labour and VAT. Don’t forget, if your claim is valid the costs are covered directly with the repairer - you’ll also receive FREE RAC Breakdown cover as standard!


So then, what’s actually covered?

Adventures away, commuting, or nipping to the shops. We all value having a reliable, well maintained vehicle for every journey. That’s why an RAC warranty from FOW is a great option to complement your lifestyle. Choosing FOW gives you some great perks as well!

What’s covered? That’s easy - all mechanical and electrical parts are included (exclusions apply), diagnostics (up to £50 inc VAT on valid claims) with wear and tear cover for vehicles under 8 years old and 80,000 miles. You’ll also be able to claim up to the purchase price of the car.

And if your car has a turbo, this is covered alongside factory fitted multimedia systems (up to £500 inc VAT), keys, key cards and fobs (up to £100 inc VAT), timing belts, engine casings, cylinder block, differential, gearbox, transfer box and diagnostics.

Don’t forget, with FOW and the RAC you’re covered up to the purchase price of the car - labour is also covered on valid claims up to £45 an hour (£65 within the M25 circle). Holidaying in Europe? no problem - you’re covered up to 60 days each year alongside our UK cover (Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

Is the repair significant? Don’t worry, if the recommended repair time is over 8 hours you can claim up to £50 a day inc VAT towards a hire vehicle for 7 days. There’s also an option to transfer cover if you sell the car (fees and terms apply).


And the (not so small) small print

Naturally, exclusions do apply - we won’t cover bodywork, handles and hinges, interior and exterior trim including brightwork, paint and glass (includes heated screen elements). Weatherstrips, rubber seals, sheet metal, sunroof guides and seats (including electrical and mechanical adjustment).

Of course, carpets aren’t covered, alongside seat belts and pretensioners, wiper arms, blades and washer jets, wheels and tyres (includes alignment, tracking and balancing), brake discs, pads, linings and shoes, contaminated fuel, convertible roof mechanisms, electrical leads, all filters and serviceable items.

Clutch failure is covered for vehicles under 8 years old and 80,000 miles (only through normal use and not when the clutch is burnt out) and only components forming part of the original manufacturers specification will be covered.

And the following electrics are excluded - bulbs, lamps and lenses, batteries, fuses, wiring harnesses and terminals alongside air conditioning recharging, ECU reflashes, exhaust system, auxiliary drive belts, brackets, mountings, tapping’s, supports, fixings, fastening devices, fuel tank and fuel lines, air bags and pipes (metal and plastic).

Don’t worry - at FOW, our award winning team will prepare your new car to the highest standard - our check list will make new car day more magical than ever before!


Sounds great, what do I need to know?

I know what you’re thinking… there are a lot of hoops to jump through? Well actually, with FOW there isn’t!

Yes, you’ll need to get your new car serviced to the manufacturer schedule (this applies to every extended warranty), but if your claim is valid, costs will be covered directly with the repairer - remember you can claim online or by calling 0330 100 3728. You’ll need a repair request authority number before any claim can be processed.

Because you’re protected up to the price you paid for the car - you’re covered for the duration. It’s worth bearing in mind that each included component is covered once for the duration of the agreement. Naturally you won’t be covered if the car is used for hire or reward, rallied, track days or competition use.

Don’t forget - labour costs are covered up to £45 an hour (£65 within the M25 circle). If you notice a problem whilst driving, pull over when it’s safe to do so and call RAC Rescue on 0330 1598 492 quoting the Scheme Code in your documentation - don’t continue driving as any further damage won’t be covered.

Buying a newer car you want to keep beyond the manufactures warranty? No problem! We’ll schedule the agreement to start the day after the existing policy ends, that way you stay protected for longer.


RAC Extended Warranty - with FOW you're in the drivers seat.

Beautifully powerful to protect you against expensive repair bills - explore the benefits right here!

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FREE RAC breakdown cover

Choose an RAC extended warranty from FOW and we'll include FREE RAC breakdown cover as standard - roadside, recovery, at home and onward travel are all covered so you can continue your journey. And with 60 days continental cover you too can make adventure possible!

Anything else I should know?

Wear and tear cover is standard for all vehicles under 8 years old and 80,000 miles - the plan won’t cover consumables, or anything that’s expected to wear through normal driving such as brake pads, discs, tyres and wiper blades. Full terms and conditions are available upon request.

But, and here’s the good bit - wear and tear cover with FOW and the RAC will cover components not usually covered. This includes items such as the clutch - if this fails through normal use within the 8 year, 80,000 mile window you’re protected.

And, you’ll benefit from hire car cover too! This applies if the recommended repair time exceeds 8 hours. You can claim up to £50 a day (inc VAT) for a period of up to 7 days. Don’t forget diagnostic charges for all valid claims are covered up to £50 an hour (inc VAT).

Of course, you’ll need to service your new car according to the manufacturers schedule - don’t worry, you don’t need to take the car back to the main dealer, if you have a local, VAT registered garage you trust you can still take it there. You’ll also find authorised repairers local to you here.

Don’t forget, at FOW we’re here to help! Our award winning team are on hand to help answer those all important questions and guide you through all aspects of your new car purchase. Speak to our team in Winsford Cheshire or Trafford, Manchester - you can even WhatsApp us for instant advice.


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Standard up to 8 years old and 80,000 (terms apply).

You’ll love benefits an RAC Extended Warranty from FOW brings

As the original, award winning Car Supermarket we know a thing or two about customer care. With over 60 years of experience, we’re perfectly placed to help answer those all important questions.

That’s why we partnered with the RAC - flexible and easy, you choose the term (available for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years) and leave the rest to us.

You can make a claim quickly and easily - online or over the phone. If the claim is valid, costs are covered directly with the repairer as set out in the terms and conditions (available upon request).

We’ll even include FREE RAC Breakdown cover as standard - now that’s great value!

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Of course, at FOW we’re here with you for the journey and have been recognised as one of the most enjoyable destinations for used car shopping. So much so we’ve won awards for our service, customer care and attention to detail to ensure you have the best possible experience. Check out our latest awards here - we’ve included our latest ones below!

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