Official statement from fords of Winsford regarding BBC rip off Britain

We wish to provide absolute clarification in response to the broadcast ‘Rip Off Britain’ which aired on BBC One on the 2nd October 2018. The programme relates to a car which was purchased from ourselves, a Mercedes Citan Dualiner Van, on 11th February 2018 by Mr and Mrs Williams.

First and foremost, we wish to extend our sincerest apologies to Mr & Mrs Williams for any damage and inconvenience suffered during this unfortunate course of events. We have consistently adopted a constructive and positive approach which is clear from the way any issues have been addressed and resolved. We really do hold consumer protection at the very heart of our business model and this is no exception.

There remains no proof or evidence, that the vehicle in question was ever ‘clocked’ or otherwise tampered with. FOW voluntarily engaged the services of external and independent experts (at our own cost) to inspect the Vehicle once the concerns were raised by Mr & Mrs Williams.

The Report from the specialist Mercedes Benz engineer failed to show any evidence of clocking or tampering. Due to this being inconclusive we also took further steps to contact the previous owner of the Vehicle to ensure that the mileage and use of the Vehicle had been verified. Again, there was no evidence of tampering.

As the first report did not show any wrongdoing, an alternative independent inspection was commissioned for Mr& Mrs Williams by JV Dabek was carried out. The report by JV Dabek was again inconclusive at best. It does not show any evidence that the Vehicle had been clocked, the same as the findings of the Mercedes Benz engineer who carried out the first inspection. The findings and conclusions of JV Dabek are speculative and circumstantial and cannot be relied upon.

Although the evidence is unreliable and there is total absence of proof of clocking, we had no problem with issuing Mr & Mrs Williams with a full refund and complementary use of a courtesy vehicle in addition to a compensatory payment (for goodwill) of £200 to cover travel costs and other costs incurred through this process.
FOW has been in business for almost 60 years and we are regarded as a highly reputable and well-regarded retailer of vehicles throughout the North West and the UK. The core principle of FOW is to ensure a commitment to all customers to provide transparency and fairness. Our excellent reviews really show off how hard we work to ensure all customers of ours are looked after to the best of our ability.

For many years we have worked closely with the Trading Standards Officers at Cheshire East Council to ensure that we can aid in any way the fight against vehicle crime. This is something we will continue to do to prove our commitment to consumer protection; and to fairness and transparency for anyone who decided to deal with us.

If you believe that you may have been affected by anything mentioned in the programme or in any of the above, please do get in touch and we can run all associated checks free of charge and provide any of our customers with complete piece of mind going forward.