• YE11HTN
  • 06/06/2011 
  • 37,160 
  • £230
  • 172344
  • Location: WSLINE
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Petrol Automatic
1695mm 4034mm
1600cc 51 L
0.31 (seats up) m3 4
36.7 179 (g/km)
26.6 114 mph
47.1 12.5 sec

Important Notice:

The fuel consumption figure shown is taken from the official test results from this vehicle type when new.

It is intended to provide a standard figure for comparing the relative economy of different vehicles of a similar age and condition and does not represent the average fuel consumption that will be achieved on the road.

A number of factors not included in the official new vehicle test will affect the fuel consumption achieved on the road including: vehicle age, how it has been maintained, road/weather conditions and driving style.


All Round Electric Windows
Cloth Interior
Air Conditioning
Parcel Shelf Present
Hand Book Present
Cruise Control


FCA and SAF Logos


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Choose the appropriate level of cover and your FOW Gold warranty could ensure that, in the event of an unforeseen failure, you can reclaim the cost of the necessary repair or replacement.

There is no limit to the number of times you can claim within the terms of the cover (although the total value of claims must not exceed the value of the vehicle!)